Mantis Bow Fishing Rest

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Mantis Bow Fishing Rest
  • Aluminum Frame and Mount
  • Spring Loaded Full Capture Door
  • Delrin Wear Pad
  • Adjustable Windage and Rotatable Frame

The Mantis was purposely designed with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy mounting bracket and rest frame with a vibrant green Delrin® arrow-capture gate and arrow launch pad that ensures a smooth launch of the arrow while preventing wear on the rest. The center-grooved launch pad on the Mantis holds the arrow in position and guides it on release for smooth, consistent and accurate arrow flight.

The new Muzzy Bowfishing rest is compatible with any bow and arrow set up, and it offers exceptional left-to-right adjustability as well as elevation adjustment. It also offers a full-capture design with a trap door arm that is spring loaded to close after the arrow is loaded, keeping the arrow secure no matter how you hold or move the bow.